There’s nothing quite like live music—the energy and sound enter the audience and pierces hearts, stirs souls and moves bodies. This experience is electric and can be enhanced by solidly engineered concert hall AV integration. If your current audiovisual system is muting this experience, our expert engineers, technicians, installers can give your guests the thrilling musical rush they crave. At PCD, we have designed, installed, and maintained state-of-the-art AV systems for more than 35 years. We specialize in building custom advanced technology solutions for corporate, hospitality, education, government, performing arts venues. We stay focused on every detail throughout your project to make your AV dreams come true!

Concert Hall AV Solution

Auditorium sound systems should deliver high-end fully-branded experiences for your guests. Partnering with leaders in the audiovisual industry, we integrate projectors, displays, and top-quality sound. To provide a seamless experience throughout your facility—VIP rooms, food and drink venues, even restrooms, we ensure every component of your venue has the right equipment and connection capabilities. You need integrated systems and user-friendly controls to deploy sound and messaging across the entire complex. Large screens add to the experience and also act as focused marketing tools. Performers work hard to entertain and when we build auditorium sound systems your guests feel every ounce of energy and excitement.

Decades Of Technical Experience

We offer more than just decades of technical experience. We are also committed to customer service and will remain highly responsive to you throughout our collaboration. We can only do this because we provide a challenging, rewarding workplace for our employees. This allows us to maintain continuity of our knowledgeable, experienced staff. Our talented engineers and technicians have a thorough understanding of modern AV systems. All of this allows us to provide superior concert hall AV integration, including design, installation, training of your staff, and maintenance. Call PCD at 707-546-3633 or contact us online