Commercial Sound Masking Equipment

Commercial sound masking is an essential tool for speech privacy and productivity. Sound masking solutions use a low-level ambient sound engineered to match the frequency of human speech. It may sound counter-intuitive, but sound masking makes the room seem quieter by making speech less intelligible. Not only does this mask what people are saying, but it makes speech less distracting. Many workplaces benefit from sound masking, from open offices to hospitals. It’s an excellent solution for any workplace where sensitive information is discussed or where the ambient noise causes distractions.

Your Sound Masking Solution

Commercial sound masking creates noise that sounds similar to airflow. It doesn’t cancel sound or eliminate all noise in the environment. Instead, it reduces how far away a conversation can be heard and understood. This is known as the “radius of distraction.” Noise disruptions can severely damage the productivity of employees. Noisy environments affect concentration, cause fatigue, and increase stress levels. One study discovered employees are up to 66% less productive when they can overhear a single nearby conversation. Sound masking reduces the distraction caused by traffic, office equipment, or other unwanted noise.

The rise of identity theft has made speech privacy an increasingly important consideration. Confidentiality, whether discussing medical symptoms or financial information, is paramount today. Patients, clients, and employees alike need to know their private information is secure. With sound masking, you can ensure that only authorized parties can hear private information. This is essential for facilities that need to stay compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Commercial sound masking is an extremely cost-effect alternative to making architectural improvements. We work with Atlas Sound and Cambridge Sound to provide our clients with expert sound masking solutions. Both are affordable, reliable systems that can be installed in any building. Our team has installed sound masking systems at:

  • Sutter Medical Masking
  • Redwood Credit Union
  • HP Moffett Towers in San Francisco
  • QT Ultrasound in Novato

If you’d like to learn more about how sound masking can benefit your business, contact the pros at PCD! With decades of experience in design and installation, you can rely on us for all your AV needs. We also offer training, so you’ll understand how to use your new system. Give us a call today at 707-546-3633 or send us a message through our online form.