A perfectly designed environment for casino guests provides a unique, engaging gaming experience. PCD provides winning casino AV solutions, including high-quality audio, video, and lighting for the casino floor, bars, restaurants, lobbies, and exterior. It doesn’t matter if you manage an independent casino or a luxury resort with a hotel and restaurants, we can build, install, and maintain a system of software and components that gives guests a world-class experience. We team up with leading manufacturers to provide audio visual integration for your casino or other hospitality, corporate, education, government, or performing arts venue.  

Casino AV Solutions

Want to impact your guests before they even walk through the door? Lighting, digital signage, and audio reinforce your brand as clients enter. Once inside, gaming floors are large and open. Still, each area requires intense attention to make sure guests remain engaged. Partnerships with industry-leading partners allow us to meet audio and visual need of each specific space. With automation, you can make adjustments with the press of a button. Grabbing a drink is enhanced by grabbing the attention of your guests—we ensure bars and lounges display keno or sports scores in an attractive, lively manner that extends the gaming experience. A casino restaurant offers another chance to provide an immersive, themed environment. High-end audio, video, and lighting at restaurants encourage longer stays and this delivers higher profits.

High-Quality Custom Systems

We have specialized in designing custom systems, such as casino AV solutions, since 1981. We strive for personal excellence in everything we do. Members of our knowledgeable staff have decades of experience to make accurate estimates of time and cost. Our expert technicians, engineers, and design consultants give your project focused attention. This gives you an AV system that perfectly fits your needs and budget. By partnering with PCD for all of your audiovisual needs, including audio visual integration for the casino you manage, you can feel confident every detail of your project will be carefully addressed. Contact us online or call 707-546-3633 to make your venue a state-of-the-art facility!