AV over IP solutions offer flexibility, cost-effectiveness, high performance, and scalability for businesses and individuals alike.  With seamless audio and video streamed over your network, it’s never been so easy to have quality media streams where you need it. If your business or organization has been considering AV over IP, contact PCD! We’re the top provider of AV design and system installation, bringing the best custom AV solutions to businesses and organizations of range of industries. Since 1981, PCD is experienced in finding the right solutions for your needs. Contact us today at 707-546-3633 to discuss how our professional AV over IP solutions can benefit your business!

Professional AV over IP Solutions

A common question clients often have is how AV over IP differs from traditional AV. Essentially, AV over IP is a streaming audio/video infrastructure. While the concept of streaming audio and video over a network isn’t new, AV over IP solutions take it to another level with full HD capabilities, near-zero latency, and the ability to have dynamically changing content. AV over IP equipment also allows for easy management of multi-point installations that are easily controlled through an internet browser.

Traditionally, if you need to stream large amounts of video or image files over your local area network (LAN), it will eat up network bandwidth, affecting other business processes. AV over IP systems can typically travel over LAN infrastructure without the need to run new cabling. AV over IP solutions includes plug and play equipment for managing and distributing the audio and video over the network, which is conveniently controlled by web browsers. What this means for your business or organization is that you can stream high-quality video without it affecting other processes that use your network! It also means that you can easily scale your AV system at lower costs than with traditional AV equipment. With low latency rates, the AV stream is nearly real-time, making it an extremely effective option for video conferencing or streaming action onto a large screen, such as an athletic event or theater production. If you’d like to learn more about our professional AV over IP solutions, contact us today at (707) 546-3633. We’d be happy to discuss how we can help customize an AV system that will be a perfect fit for your needs!

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