PCD provides state-of-the-art audio visual systems for government offices and agencies in Sacramento and the surrounding area. We understand how essential it is for government officials and staff to have AV setups that are easy to use, provide ideal acoustics for the space, and are fully streamlined to meet all needs. Since the public can also attend meetings, town halls, and conferences, it’s of the utmost importance that audio and video is clear and free from any factors that could make accessibility to the information presented difficult, such as ambient lighting from skylights, structural obstructions, or room design features that can muffle the sound. With our AV solutions for government agencies, everyone in attendance will be able to see and hear clearly.

From city halls to police stations, we have extensive expertise in designing, installing, and configuring effective, streamlined audio visual systems for government offices. We work with you to fully understand your needs, as well as to understand the challenges of the space itself. We also take the time to teach you how to use all your new equipment, ensuring that your office or agency can communicate, work, and function smoothly.

A Team With Extensive Experience

PCD has worked with numerous local governments and offices to ensure that technology is a help, not a hindrance. Some of these include the Santa Rosa Utilities Field Office, Healdsburg City Council Chambers, and the Milpitas City Council Chambers. Some of our AV solutions for government agencies include designing solutions to make it easy for members of the public to view the meeting digitally, programming Closed Captioning, archival storage of broadcasts, a timer feature for public comment, voting software for elected officials, and listening systems for hearing impaired members of the public. Regardless of what you require, our expert team will ensure everyone can participate in the public process.

Contact us today at 707-546-3633 to learn more about our audiovisual systems for government in Sacramento.