Conferencing Solutions

PCD provides professional design, installation, and configuration of audio visual systems for government offices in Modesto and the surrounding area. As AV experts since 1981, we understand the special considerations local, state, and federal agencies have in terms of contracting, insurance, and AV needs. We’ve worked extensively with municipalities like the Santa Rosa Utilities Field Office, Healdsburg City Council Chambers, the Milpitas City Council Chambers, and many others to effectively solve their technology challenges. Our AV solutions for government agencies also include training on your new equipment.

When designing audio visual systems for government, we take every consideration into account and work to fully anticipate your current and future needs. For example, based on your agency, you might require live streaming for public participation, voting systems, projectors, podium microphones, or timer systems, just to name a few. From city halls and city council chambers to police stations, our AV solutions for government agencies can help you update your systems, improve communications, and make your technology more streamlined.

Other Considerations

Beyond technology considerations, we also take your physical space into account. Many government offices aren’t designed with optimal sound and viewing in mind. For example, you may have large windows or skylights that can cause projection screens or monitors to look hazy or washed out. There may be aspects of the room that cause sound to bounce or become muffled. We know how to work around these issues and keep the existing architecture intact. Whether you’d to update a conference room or a large committee chamber, we ensure all participants can see and hear clearly.

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