When you need audio visual systems for government offices in Fairfield, there are a list of requirements. You need a contractor with

  • Experience working with government
  • The correct insurance
  • Understanding of the RFP process
  • Can meet public meeting needs

That’s why you should work with PCD! We provide streamlined AV solutions for government agencies that take your unique space and needs into account to create streamlined, professional systems that are easy to operate.

PCD has experience working providing audio visual systems for government offices near Fairfield and throughout Northern California. For example, PCD was responsible for totally revamping the City Council chambers and adjoining rooms for the City of Milpitas. We are experienced with the government contracting process and requirements, and work smoothly with your staff to make a project come to life. In Milpitas, we designed a system that met public meeting requirements and needs including voting software, video feed for live streaming, microphones for elected officials and public comment, speakers throughout the building for ease of hearing, timer for public comment, and projection screen. We integrated all the needs of the Milpitas City Council while using 21st-century technology that fits seamlessly into their meetings. When we design a system, we take into account the technological needs, existing space and infrastructure, and training employees on using the system. We provide AV solutions for government agencies that are professional and straightforward to use so that your public meetings can go smoothly.

While public meeting requirements are the same throughout California due to compliance with the Brown Act, we understand that every agency is unique. When looking for audio visual systems for your government offices in Fairfield, you may have particular factors to consider. The design of a building may necessitate two or three projection screens instead of one large one, or skylights in the building may provide ambient light that makes viewing a digital screen difficult. We take into account your unique needs and existing infrastructure to create a custom design and installation that works for your government agency. Contact PCD to discuss your AV needs today.