PCD provides audiovisual systems for government offices in Dixon and throughout California. We understand how important it is for governmental organizations to have professional AV setups that are easy to use, streamlined with governmental needs, offer full auditory coverage of the space, and ensure the screen is well suited for its purpose. With Brown Act requirements in California, we understand that members of the public, as well as elected officials and staff, may attend meetings and town halls in offices, conference rooms, and chambers. We make sure everyone in attendance can see the screen, accounting for factors such as ambient lighting from skylights, structural obstructions, and the size of the room. We also ensure that everyone can hear the meeting clearly by installing speakers at regular intervals that have the capacity to carry sound through the whole room. With PCD, everyone will be able to hear and see what is happening during the meeting.

We offer quality audio visual systems for government agencies in Dixon. We also provide on-site training and easy-to-use systems so that employees can manage your meetings smoothly. There’s no point in installing a fancy system that is difficult to control and impossible for your staff to use! Instead, we take the time to design AV solutions for government agencies that are optimally functional and simple to control. This way, tech is one less thing to worry about with your public meetings!

We have a breadth of experience offering audio visual systems for government agencies for Dixon and the surrounding areas. Some of our AV solutions for government agencies include designing solutions to make it easy for members of the public to view the meeting digitally, programming Closed Captioning, archival storage of broadcasts, a timer feature for public comment, voting software for elected officials, and listening systems for hearing impaired members of the public. We are committed to helping everyone participate in the public process. Contact us to discuss your agency’s needs today.