For the very best in audio visual system integration for government meeting rooms, council rooms, and other public chambers, call PCD. We provide enhanced AV systems to present and record public meetings that allow members to vote and citizens to attend remotely. In addition to governmental projects, we also offer the highest level of workmanship and customer support for corporate, hospitality, education, government, performing arts venues. Our solutions, such as AVaaS, optimize your space and resources, creating an AV system that works for staff and the public.

To effectively communicate you must have reliable WiFi, high-def screens, sound and lighting that enhance the experience, and the ability to communicate with staff and the public. There’s also no second chance with live events. Government AV installation with us ensures that the right equipment is in place and that your staff is properly trained to operate it.

Audio Visual System Integration For Government

Our portfolio is filled with success stories, each requiring focused attention to every detail. For example, the City of Healdsburg’s Meeting Room and Council Chambers required upgrading to stream and record public meetings. We enhanced the AV systems to improve recordings and provide a way for citizens to attend from remote locations. We completely revamped the City of Milpitas’s City Council Chambers to create and deploy an AV system that included microphones, cameras, video feed, digital projection, and speakers throughout the building. The Council chambers needed to be accessible through audio and video feeds and recorded with a document camera. The project also required a timer system for public speaking and voting software. These case studies show our ingenuity and adaptability for government AV installation and design that serves the needs of the public.

Benefits of AVaaS

Many organizations have found it isn’t sustainable to purchase equipment, only to find it is outdated in a couple of years. We are transforming the AV industry with AVaaS. Audio Visual as a Service allows you to work within a set budget to ensure your organization has the flexibility to adjust their equipment based on evolving AV needs. With AVaaS, you get state-of-the-art equipment and scheduled maintenance with a known operational expense, keeping you profitable and ahead of the AV curve.

Are you ready for audiovisual design and installation that meets your space, budget, and technology needs? Contact PCD online or call us at 707-546-3633 for high-end audio visual system integration for government venues and let us modernize the way you think about AV systems with AVaaS!