Are you looking for audio video systems for schools and education centers in Vacaville? You don’t need to look any further than PCD! We provide professional AV services for schools with top-notch customer service. We have your needs and space in mind when we design a custom AV system for your facility, install it carefully, and train your employees to utilize the high-quality equipment. There’s no use in purchasing an audio video system that doesn’t meet the specific needs of your school or that no one can operate. While we ensure the equipment is capable of all the tasks you need, we also make sure to train employees and volunteers on the equipment to streamline usage.

In addition to design, installation, and training, we also provide AVaaS (Audio Visual as a Service). AVaaS is a new model for paying for and managing your school’s AV needs. Traditionally, the school would pay upfront a large capital cost to procure the equipment. With AVaaS, the upfront cost is lower and the school receives ongoing maintenance and support for a fixed monthly cost. This can be a great option for upgrading your institution’s audio video equipment without having to pay for it all at once. PCD understands many schools are in the tough position of needing modern equipment while not having all the funds necessary. We work with you to create a system that fits within your budget and meets your needs. When we design audio video systems for schools and education facilities in Vacaville, we have your unique needs in mind.

PCD’s AV services for schools can cover a wide variety of uses, including intercom/PA systems, projection screens, indoor/outdoor speakers, microphones, and more. Perhaps you have a large lecture hall that needs to be outfitted with speakers, a projection screen, and microphone so that the professor can clearly communicate to hundreds of students at a time. Or maybe your elementary school needs a clock/PA system that clearly broadcasts to each classroom for morning announcements. Each school is different, but what remains the same is our commitment to high-quality equipment that fits seamlessly in with your needs. Contact PCD regarding audio video systems for schools and education centers in Vacaville today.