PCD is proud to provide professional audio video systems for schools and education centers in Fairfield, CA. As the world rapidly becomes more computerized, up-to-date technology in educational institutions is essential to keep schools competitive and give students a full educational experience. PCD has experience providing AV services for elementary schools, high schools, and colleges. Each school has unique needs, existing infrastructure, and space, but what remains the same is our commitment to quality equipment that enhances education.

Audio video systems for schools and education centers have a multitude of uses in Fairfield, CA, and beyond. Elementary and high schools often utilize facility-wide intercom/PA system so classrooms can hear announcements and the office can communicate with teachers. Educational facilities of all types are using projection screens that can seamlessly connect with laptops so teachers can show slides relating to the lecture and students can share presentations. Some schools have multi-purpose rooms that function as a gathering place for sports, performing arts, and assemblies. These large rooms need to be outfitted to serve multiple purposes and have an AV system that can adequately serve the entire space. These are just some of the AV services PCD provides for schools.

When we design audio video systems for schools and education facilities in Fairfield, CA, we look to your specific space and needs. For example, many auditoriums have skylights or large windows to bring in light during the day. While this brightens the room and can lower electricity costs, it also makes it harder to see a traditional screen. PCD carefully evaluates the space and finds technology that will be easily visible for everyone in the room. There are also factors to consider with audio. For large spaces, we ensure that there are enough high-quality speakers, adequately spaced so that the entire room can hear. We design and install a professional AV system, and train your employees to use it. Talk to PCD about bringing 21st-century technology to your institution!