Are you looking for professional audio video systems for schools & education centers in Davis? Many institutions are facing old and inadequate systems to meet their growing AV needs. Modern educational facilities need modern solutions for performing arts programs, inter-classroom PA systems, and projection systems in lecture halls and labs. Whether it’s easily and wirelessly sharing your laptop screen with the class or a high-tech system for world-class productions in your school theater, PCD can design and install equipment that works for your school’s unique needs.

PCD proudly offers audio video systems for schools & education facilities in Davis. We have extensive experience providing AV services for schools, including elementary campuses, high schools, and colleges. Some of the institutions we’ve worked with are CSU Chico, UC Davis, Hayward High Schools, Bayshore Elementary, and more. Take a look at our portfolio to see a sample of the different projects we’ve completed and creative solutions we present. Each institution has different needs and existing infrastructure that must be considered. For example, a lecture hall with existing skylights brings a lot of light into the room, which is great for energy costs but can be difficult for visibility of project screens. There is no one-size-fits-all. Instead, our designers carefully consider your needs and space to create a system that works for your school, our installation crew carefully builds the system, and our team teaches your staff how to use the equipment. Our AV services for schools include design, installation, and training because our goal is to have sophisticated systems with simplified controls. There’s no use having a state-of-the-art system that no one can use!

You might be looking for audio video systems for schools and education centers in Davis because your system is aging, or perhaps you have a new facility that hasn’t integrated AV yet. Whatever your unique circumstance, PCD can help. We have the AV solutions you need; contact our experts to get started.