Commercial Audio Visual Systems

With today’s advances in technology, audiovisual systems are available in a variety of configurations and can be adapted to virtually any commercial setting. Audio video system design and installation in Milpitas is available for businesses, schools and houses of worship. Professionals who specialize in commercial AV systems can advise you as to the best ways of optimizing your setup to meet your individual needs.

Equipment Used for AV Systems

AV systems typically contain a sound system and a video system. Sometimes, a lighting setup is included as well. Further, both sound and video will have input equipment and output equipment. Types of sound equipment include public address systems, microphones and setups for background and foreground music. Visual aids include closed-circuit television, projectors, and digital signs. For some applications, such video conferencing, the systems will need to be integrated.

Optimizing Your Setup

Commercial AV setups range from installing systems over multiple floors of hotels and corporate buildings, to outfitting small shops or churches. When installing your system, it is best to consult AV professionals as to the type of setup and equipment that is most appropriate for your setting. Controls and networking should be streamlined for maximum efficiency. The placement of microphones and lighting systems is essential to creating the ambience you want, without causing inconvenience to patrons or employees.

Choosing the Right System

The kind of AV equipment and the installation methods you will be able to use also depend on the structure of your building. This is particularly true for large equipment such as flat panel televisions and smartboards. Architectural and environmental issues can also affect sound quality and network connectivity. In many cases, these problems are not easily remedied and sometimes are entirely beyond your control. You do not want to purchase and install expensive equipment just to discover that it consistently fails to perform due to factors that you are not able to correct. Consulting an AV expert about audio video system design and installation in Milpitas can help you avoid costly mistakes.