Sales / Design Consultant

Job Title: Sales / Design Consultant                                                                  

Reports to:  Vice President / General Manager

Summary of Position:

Responsible for growing the Design/Build portion of PCD’s business by seeking out new business opportunities and designing Audio/Video Systems to respond to those needs.

Major Responsibilities:

Through a combination of cold calling, responding to leads from website and other sources, reaching out to former customers and seeking out new relationships through networking, the Sales / Design Consultant will find new business opportunities, consult with prospective clients, formulate design options and prepare, present and execute contracts for new work.

The Sales / Design Consultant shall, as part of his/her presentation to clients, prepare a basic system design for customer to review and agree to.  For larger, more complex systems, it will be important for the Sales / Design Consultant to utilize the services of the Engineering Department to create a more formal “as-built” drawings for use during installation.  The Sales / Design Consultant has primary responsibility for the job working with the Engineering Department, Project Coordinator and Inside Operations Manager to assure efficient completion of the job, exceeding the clients’ expectations The Sales / Design Consultant shall participate in weekly staff meetings to help impart knowledge and answer staff questions about his /her designs.

Job Requirements:

Skills: Strong team player with a positive attitude; a self-starter who is well-organized, with the ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written form.

Knowledge:  Proficient in Word and Excel required. Basic drafting skills with audio / video integration knowledge. D-tools experience desired. Extensive Audio / Video experience is required.

Degrees/Certificates: Bachelor’s or AA Degree preferred;

Job Experience:  Strong background in A/V system sales and design required;

Working Conditions:

Physical Endurance: Job involves both desk work and some local travel to meet with prospective customers and some visits to work sites at which multiple trades are working.  Must be able to lift 20lbs.