Going to a sports event or concert at an arena should produce a rush of excitement for your guests. If your current audiovisual system is soul-killing, not soul-stirring, the expert engineers, technicians, installers, and staff at PCD will help you navigate upgraded arena sound system design, installation, and maintenance. We have specialized in creating custom advanced technology solutions to fit the space, needs, and budget for clients in corporate, hospitality, education, government, performing arts venues for more than 35 years. We pay attention to every detail so that your WOW becomes a reality!

A stadium AV system is crucial to deliver optimized, fully branded experiences for your guests. For sporting events and concerts, we work with a range of manufacturers to integrate projectors, displays, and crystal-clear sound. We can also make sure the concourse, VIP rooms, food and drink shops, and other components of your facility have the right equipment and connection capabilities to give users a seamless experience wherever they are within the venue. Sound must be deployed across the entire complex and this requires integrated systems and user-friendly controls. Large screens do more than just add to the experience, they also are great marketing tools. By giving you access to the latest stadium AV system, your guests will feel the full rush of excitement that live performances create.

Trust In Our Team

When you partner with PCD, we provide you with a deep well of technical ability and an even deeper commitment to customer service.  Because we are a great place to work, our staff is knowledgeable and stable. This gives us the ability to properly assess the time and cost of a project. Our talented technicians have a thorough understanding of modern AV systems and we are very responsive to clients throughout our partnership. To see how we can help you with arena sound system design and installation, contact us online or call at 707-546-3633!