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Have you dreamed of connecting better with students or colleagues through an interactive device like a whiteboard or touchscreen? PCD is excited to announce that there is now a way to make any flat surface interactive with the eBeam Edge+ from Luidia! With the Edge+ there’s no need to pay for expensive and bulky equipment, because you can utilize the materials you already have at work or in the classroom. This groundbreaking new technology, consisting of a sensor and stylus that can work with a variety of materials, allows you to make any projection, LED/LCD screen, or whiteboard into a smart surface, including interacting with applications and editing content.


Imagine sitting in a business meeting, going over a presentation on the conference room’s flat screen TV. Your coworkers can help you add notes and edit from their laptops, tablets, and even smart phones! The Edge+ is fully compatible with Apples, Windows, and Linux operating systems, so no matter the brand of your computer or if your office is divided between iPhone and Android, everyone can participate in using the Edge+. The last thing you want to worry about is your technology set-up. This new system from Luidia makes it easy to connect, use, and interact with colleagues.

The Edge+ can also be helpful in the classroom. In addition to the ability to write and interact with applications, teachers can build content and refine lessons with intuitive tools, save and distribute materials to students,  and engage with audiences of all ages in a new way. Educators can utilize existing surfaces- walls, LCD screens, glass, tables, projections, etc. The Edge+ has the largest capture area on the market, allowing you to share and edit content on 5ft by 8ft surfaces., making sure that even students in the back of the room can view it. This can be a powerful tool to help teachers, and excite students about the lesson.

Make the most out of your space by using the Edge+. This is the newest and most advanced product in the Edge line. Transform any surface into a smart surface with the capability to interact with applications, collaborate with others, and capture and stream everything you write with the stylus.

PCD is excited about the latest innovations from Luidia, particularly The Edge+. We keep at the vanguard of technology to offer our customers the latest solutions in audio, video, and communications. There are so many possible applications and uses for the Edge+. To discuss how this technology can help you, email us at or call (707) 546-3633.


Luidia is a meeting solution company focusing on interactive and digital capture technology with their eBeam® product line. Since our founding in 2003, we have focused on providing innovative solutions for use in business, education and consumer markets. Luidia, Inc. is a global company headquartered in the Silicon Valley.

Our Technology

Our proprietary technology accurately computes position and distance. Our capture technology can be used on everyday surfaces; displays, whiteboard and regular paper to transfer drawings and sketches made with ink or used as a stylus.

Who we are

At Luidia, we believe in personal commitment and true engagement to what we do. We hope this love of our work shows in the premium quality of our products. We develop solutions that allow users to transform their everyday surfaces into smart solution. Learn more about Luidia by visiting our website.

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