Now that the Nuns, Tubbs, Atlas and Pocket fires are more than 90% contained, we are now looking forward to our new “normal” in Santa Rosa. We are thankful that all our employees and families are safe after this terrible natural disaster, although 2 of our employees lost their homes. Many people have reached out to PCD inquiring how they can help. The rebuilding of our community will be a long, arduous path and the people in the area are up for the challenge. PCD has compiled the following lists, information and statistics from local valid news sources.

First, we would like to support the local business owners who were affected by the fire.  We have not vetted this list but have pulled it form a reliable source.  If there is any way that you can support these businesses through your patronage, please do so.  Check our Facebook page as there are links to the various businesses that are still operating but the families or owners have been seriously affected  (

Fundraising – Northern California’s Redwood Credit Union has set up a North Bay Fire Relief fund that is a safe place for monetary donations to be sent. RCUCF is s 501c3 nonprofit organization – Tax ID #47-5084832.  All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Details on the distribution of funds to individuals and families can be found here (

Free Store – Volunteer, Donate, Shop. (

Most importantly, we want to thank the true heroes that rescued our world from Mother Nature’s fury.  To all the First Responders, Fire and Police personnel from 11 states – California, Arizona, Idaho, New York, New Mexico, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming – plus the Mescalero Agency, Morongo Indian Reservation, Pechanga Indian Reservation, Nez Pence Tribe, Australian and Canadian crews. The disaster relief crews were 5,300+ people strong and from 351 different agencies according to the Press Democrat. With their great team effort, they were able to squelch the disaster in a timely fashion.  Please check out their recognition in the Sonoma Index Tribune here (