PCD’s AVaaS program provides you with a working Audio Video system that is regularly maintained by trained and certified PCD staff. The preventative maintenance aspect of AVaaS allows flexibility for system upgrades as AV technology continues to improve through the years.

Dependable Technology

With PCD’s AVaaS program your AV technology remains current and dependable, assuring top quality performance throughout the lifespan of the system.  It also releases you from the nuisance of owning, maintaining and disposing of old and outdated equipment after 3 – 5 years.

Ongoing Maintenance

During the term of your contract, PCD will audit your AV system looking for newer technologies to improve efficiencies. PCD will update new AV system technology in place of your old systems without drastically changing your monthly expense when the time is right.

Industry Trends

Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) has become a trend across many industries in the past few years allowing you to pay monthly rather than a large capital expenditure. Popular examples of this trend are Netflix and other online streaming services, Microsoft software packages, and cell phone providers splitting your bill into monthly payments. Consumers now pay by the license or by the month for low cost recurring services. AVaaS now brings this model front and center for your audio visual needs so that you may enjoy the latest technology at a reasonable price.  Recently a school district needed to update 8 of their high school theater facilities. With the AVaaS model, PCD was able to provide these updates with the best equipment available, assuring affordability to the schools.

A System You Can Count On

Using AVaaS,  PCD can show your organization how to afford preventative maintenance, paired with the latest technology, which can easily be budgeted into a monthly expense. Contact us today at 707-546-3633 or info@pcdinc.net for your customized AVaaS quote.