PETALUMA, Calif., Nov. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — FrontRow expands their award-winning networkable classroom AV system with ezRoom Trio, an all-in-one solution that adds the convenience of a built-in speaker array that provides superior voice and media amplification. When combined with Conductor™, ezRoom Trio allows campus-wide communications, emergency alerts, bells, and paging. Each ezRoom Trio is custom built with multiple options to support a school’s specific needs. The ezRoom Trio has two versions, the Trio and the Trio Alert, which includes a high power, multi-color LED beacon that provides visual notification for audio events and emergency alerts to students and teachers.

“The Trio expands upon the ezRoom making it more accessible and much easier to install. By adding an integrated three-speaker array to our 2×2 plenum ceiling enclosure, we reduce the installation costs normally associated with external speaker options, while maintaining all the benefits of a network connected classroom AV system,” said Tom Flaherty, FrontRow’s Senior Product Manager.

Trio’s new speaker array was designed specifically for learning environments. For most classrooms this single unit provides crystal clear audio to amplify instructors’ voices, support audio from multimedia sources, and allow educators to initiate an intercom call with the school administration, hands free.  In addition to the new speaker array, the new enclosure simplifies cable management and reduces installation time by serving as a single attachment point for sensors, high-definition video sources, ceiling mics, or other components.

“So much of learning involves listening,” says Leo Stearns, VP of Engineering at FrontRow. “We want to be sure students can hear instructional content clearly while taking up as small of a footprint as possible in the classroom. This update adds that crisp sound, while nixing the need for extra cabling or the need to rely on sub-par speakers in interactive displays.”

ezRoom Trio:

  • Budget friendly: A single Trio drops into a standard 2×2 grid with no need for extra cabling to support external speakers. Schools save hours of installation costs per room.
  • Excellent sound quality: Trio uses a speaker array based on FrontRow’s award-winning Juno. Mid-high frequency speakers are angled to project audio into the entire room for increased clarity and intelligibility. The mid-low frequency central speaker provides sound richness.
  • Easier/more reliable to provision: Factory installed options and browser-based programming can be done directly on the Trio or over the school network.
  • Scalable to room or entire school: Trio has a wide array of options that allow integration and control for almost any classroom environment, from a single computer to multiple sources, streaming audio, dual displays and more. Trio can be further scaled across an entire school with FrontRow’s Conductor.

Present in over 18,000 schools, FrontRow’s classroom audio technology is known for improving student comprehension and granting equity and access for all students no matter where they are in the learning environment—leading to increased engagement and academic performance—as well as helping safeguard teachers’ voices, increasing their energy, and decreasing the number of voice related sick days.

With ezRoom Trio, the options are almost endless. A standard ezRoom Trio package includes an intelligent wireless microphone for the teacher, a customized plenum box that neatly houses multiple devices, and a speaker array that clearly and evenly distributes teacher and student voices and media audio to each student throughout a learning space. Student microphones can be added to improve in-class contributions, self-esteem, and teamwork reporting.

The new ezRoom Trio will begin shipping in November of 2019.

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FrontRow’s technology helps schools communicate effortlessly with students, groups, and devices. Schools choose FrontRow for its easy-to-use products, better academic outcomes, and a safer, more efficient campus. FrontRow is part of the William Demant Group—founded in 1904 and listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange (CSE3247)—through 45 Group companies in over 20 countries, its consolidated sales exceed US$1.9 billion. 


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