Christian Worship LeaderNew church sound systems may be just what your Merced house of worship needs to really engage churchgoers and fill them with light and love. From a passionate sermon to a quiet child’s recitation, you don’t want parishioners to miss a moment. Song and instrumental accompaniment should carry equally well from the front pew to the very back of the room, as well. With the myriad of acoustic challenges a church space can present – high ceilings, hard materials, and more – an inadequate system just won’t cut it. Contact the experts at PCD to create a custom audio system design and installation just right for your space, and your budget.

Experienced Technicians you can Trust

Our licensed technicians have significant experience installing church sound systems in and around Merced. From chapel sound systems to classroom AV systems to performing arts spaces, PCD offers audiovisual options to enhance every area of your facility. Each of our projects begins with a visit from our sound engineers, who will determine the unique acoustic needs of your chapel and how best to distribute sound around the space, so that there are neither weak spots nor deafeningly loud spots. We’re a full-service company, handling both audio system design and installation, so you can rest easy knowing that our technicians will be with you every step of the way. Even post-installation, we offer client education to be sure that your staff knows how to properly operate all newly-installed AV equipment. A new sound system is only as good as its users, after all!

You owe it to your parishioners to make sure they’re easily able to hear at sermons and church events. When you’re ready to investigate new church sound systems for your Merced facility, give PCD a call!